Private Crop Solutions

Private Crop Solutions 2016-12-30T11:03:36+00:00

Although Federal Crop Insurance is a solid foundation to your operation’s risk management needs, many farmers find significant gaps in their protection. This is where additional named peril and private products fit.

Most often, we find these additional tools in the form of different types of hail coverage, ranging from straight hail with and without deductibles, companion plans, and production hail. All offer solutions for varying cost and coverage needs and can be a strong complement to your overall crop risk management needs.

We continue to see a rise and need for additional private product solutions beyond our traditional hail products. This is where the MPCI enhancement products come to play. Often found in forms designed to complement and increase coverage beyond the traditional Federal Crop Insurance, these MPCI enhancement products are great solutions to capture the additional multi-peril liabilities needed to manage gaps you might have in your standard risk management package.

At ABIS Crop Insurance, we believe in providing you the industry’s best choices in risk management solutions. We invest many hours and passion into understanding the multitude of solutions available for your risk management needs and take pride in ensuring we can confidently deliver these solutions to you.

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