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Our parent company, LMC Insurance & Risk Management, is one of the oldest and most respected insurance brokers operating in the Midwest, with a history dating back to 1865. Today, LMC Insurance & Risk Management (LMC), a holding company, operates under five trade names in eleven locations across the Midwest, offering services in property and casualty, employee benefits, personal insurance, surety bonds, and financial services.

In the spring of 2002, Agri-Business Insurance Services (ABIS) joined LMC to best serve the insurance needs of our agricultural clients. In the fall of that year, ABIS Crop Insurance was founded to offer quality crop risk management services to our crop production clients. Independent Insurance Services of Central Iowa (Marshalltown and Toledo, IA) joined LMC in 2004. JH Ward Agency in Unionville Center, OH joined ABIS in 2007. Crop Insurance Services of Mankato, MN now, ABIS-Mankato, joined ABIS in 2015. Together, these agencies serve our clients anywhere they grow crops.