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The Personal Attention and
Professional Service YOU Deserve

With our expansive Insight, Service, and Experience, working in 12 states and with 17 different commodities as well as a combined industry experience of over 100 years, ABIS Crop Insurance offers the right solutions every farmer deserves.

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Excessive Rainfall Program

ABIS Crop Insurance has been talking to farmers a lot about this Excessive Rainfall product. Why? Because we believe that farmers should an upper hand from the financial impact of wet weather that Mother Nature provides.  What is it? Protection against too much rain during the planting season. You choose [...]

Extended Winter Potentially Effecting Farmers’ Insurance

Watch the full video here. Southern Minnesota - Recent snowfall has delayed the ability for crops to begin the growing process. Farmers looking for coverage to protect their crops from further or potential delay still have time before the deadline to plant corn (May 31st) and soybeans (June 10th). Most growers [...]